Introducing a new way of thinking about traveling with purpose

Let me introduce you the MLA, ie. the Master in Life Adventures.


Taking a career break, travelling for a long time, taking a sabbatical. I could use any of these to define my year ahead. In fact, many people do so. However, it is not in every country that these definitions come with positive associations. More, it is something to worry when sending a CV and when justifying to Family and Friends what exactly it is that we are doing during this time. Of course this is not always true. Many companies see the value of travelling and many parents encourage their siblings to do a gap year. The insight comes from the first, but the concept could actually serve both scenarios. The MLA is an attempt to give the deserved value of leaving the comfort zone, travelling to new places, interacting with new cultures, creating a broad, rich and differentiated network, developing other skills that would otherwise remain asleep, etc etc etc. And this blog is an attempt to develop and strengthen a concept which could become a quality stamp in our CV! That anyone could use.


The idea is simple. Traveling the world whilst developing new skills and competencies and exploring and leveraging our passions and talents. A flexible program completely tailored to ones needs. An amazing opportunity to meet people, to get inspired, to learn and develop. And a little (or big) hand in finding our purpose.

How am I proving the concept? Being the first to take a MLA (well…officially)!

The plan
1st stop: Portugal, where better to start than at home?! Doing what?… Coming soon!
2nd stop: India, attending a yoga and meditation course, and… much more.
3rd stop: Nepal is in the plan… but who knows where my adventures will take me? So I stop writing here!
How it all started 
It all started 2 years ago. I had just moved to London to a new job and was spending my evenings thinking about my future and what to do with my life. One night, while falling asleep, I had an idea.

One of the options I had for my future was to do a MBA more or less 5 years after I started working. But in my heart, that was maybe not the greatest idea. I had already done my undergrad in Business Administration and it was quite an expensive plan. At the same time, there was another option crossing my mind: travelling the world for a year. Not comparable we might say…but only at the first sight. I kept thinking that I could use that year to develop myself, to develop new skills, new competencies, to get to know new people… actually, pretty much the same that you do at the MBA.

That night, the idea came: instead of a MBA, I would do a MLA, a Master in Life Adventures!

I was super excited and started to note some ideas about the topic. But it is not an easy decision and I had just moved jobs… So, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I actually got the courage to make it happen. And it starts very soon!

Contributions welcome

This blog will serve as an exploration of the MLA concept through the reflection of my adventures.  I welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions along the way to help me bring the concept to life!


7 thoughts on “Introducing a new way of thinking about traveling with purpose

  1. Very very cool! I did my MLA for 6 months and although I did know the value it had both personal and professionally, I didn’t know how to define it (at least any better than you did) until today.
    Keep us up to date with your experiences. I’ll be here to read them and also in Bangkok to receive you if your adventure bring you this way.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear Rita!
      I am so happy that you can relate to the MLA concept already, please always share your feedback and suggestions along the way!
      I´ll see you soon in Bangkok 🙂


  2. I’m so excited for you, have an incredible journey! Looking forward to reading about your adventures xx

    Ps. Investing in a good neck pillow and eye mask will help with the long flights, if you haven’t already done so 😉

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