Introducing the MLA wall


Not sure if you noticed, but there isn’t much colour on this blog. The first reason is because I just started the blog itself…so not much content – yet! The second reason is because my MLA isn’t yet that much coloured with people, places and experiences,  also because it just started. So, if you note, the banner background is filled with photo icons, the placeholders for the real photos that will colour my adventures. There are 91 placeholders. No special reason for this number, however if we look at numerology it gets interesting! Number 9 is “the end of a cycle and the beginning of another”, number 1 is “the beginning, the unique, the absolute. It is linked to positive energy, originality, objectivity. It represents the impetus that leads to realization. I am! I do! It is also the number that brings courage, independence and realizations”. I promise it is just a coincidence 🙂

My MLA Wall

The idea is to tell my MLA story through 91 images, which I will have to carefully pick between the thousands I will take. This will be a challenging task, as I am sure I will always find good reasons to pick up a photo. But the key criteria should be the breadth and depth of the story behind each photo that, in the end, will compose a beautiful and thorough MLA Wall.

And The First Photo to Go To The Wall Is…

Banner Photo 1

This photo was taken on February 1st 2017, the day after my official last day of employment at Unilever, therefore pretty much the first day of my MLA! Although this photo captured a single moment of a thursday afternoon at the Unilever Global Headquarters in London, it tells a way longer story… that goes back to September 1st 2011, when I first joined this Company. As you can imagine, there is much to say about this image, especially because it is the culmination of the path that led me to the MLA. That is why I will dedicate a single post to the topic.


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