The honour of Godmotherhood

The first adventure of my MLA was actually an unexpected one. More, an adventure of a lifetime.

The day after I arrived from London to Lisbon I was invited to have dinner at a friends’ house. Who, for instance, were about to be parents in a few days. Who, also, happen to be very good friends of mine. Well, and the wife is also the sister I don’t have.

In my mind, they missed me and wanted to spend some quality time before the son was born and before I departed to my round the world trip. It could not be a dinner to invite me to become the Godmother of their son… I was about to leave, there was little time, I was in Lisbon for 6 weeks only. However, I was deeply mistaken.

For a moment, what a small vision I had of Godmotherhood. My one year away is nothing compared to what the theme entails. And that thought made me deeply reflect about the meaning of Godmotherhood.

Some of us are invited as children to become Godparents, others never really think about what it means and go through the process on auto-pilot, therefore never truly understanding the real importance of Godmotherhood.

For some reason the word Godmotherhood seems not to exist. But ever since I received this invite, the word became part of my everyday vocabulary.

God – the commitment before God to support the child parents to educate him/her in faith, so that, observing the Commandments, he/she loves God and the other as Christ taught us + motherhood – the experience of becoming a mother.

I am not a mother in the real sense of the word, but I feel the son of my friends is also a little bit my son. In fact, I love him inconditionally as if he was my true son. I consider him to be my son in God. And I, his spiritual co-mother. Therefore, I have a huge responsibility: to deeply care, be attentive, be present, to support the parents on his education, on his spiritual life, and when in need. And, last but not least, to be an example of Love, Faith and Fraternity. Not an easy job, but one I take great honour and effort in doing.

I have now just missed the part of the invite. It is a GREAT DEAL being invited to become a Godmother (or a Godfather). It is, actually, the biggest proof of friendship you can ever have. It shows how much the parents trust you and see in you all the capabilities of Godparenthood described above. It is a life time bond they want to create with you. It is true Love. And, for us Godparents, it is the greatest Honour.

I had the greatest Honour to become the proud Godmother of Francisco, born on the 11th of February of 2017 and baptized on the 12th of March of 2017, just a few days before I took off 🙂

MASTER FACT: Godparenthood is a very special lifetime Divine Grace. Cherish it and use it to the best of your possibility. And be truly thankful for it.

COMPETENCIES: Godmotherhood.

PLACES: Baptism Celebration: Capela de Nossa Senhora de Monserrate, Praça das Amoreiras, 1250-096 Lisbon, Portugal – Contact: +351 244 704 334.


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